Supporting People to Better Health

Why would you want to come and see The Mansfield Herbalist?

Recently I decided I should call myself ‘Eleanor Devereux – the common-sense practitioner’.

A lot of what I actually do is active listening. I listen to people like you telling me their story. Sometimes they are telling it for the first time because I ask a lot of questions. It seems that they are telling their story, but also hearing it for themselves for the first time. On occasion this can be enough, and they don’t need herbal medicine at all. Sometimes a few simple changes to lifestyle choices are enough to help them. If I don’t think you need herbal medicine, I won’t prescribe it.

Herbal medicine can support a variety of people and I’m happy to see anyone in my clinic, to discuss any condition.  Although this list is not exhaustive, I see quite a range of clients:

  • midlife women who are struggling with menopause issues, anxiety, depression or life changes/transitions.
  • younger women with skin problems or post-natal depression.
  • older women who have been bereaved or divorced and are finding a new life for themselves.
  • men who have experienced depression or anxiety, often in relation to a long-term health condition, for example chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, or bowel issues.
  • people with bowel problems such as Crohn’s disease or indigestion.

Many people come to me for help with emotions and I am careful to be led by the patient to discuss only what they are comfortable sharing.  

I’m not afraid of neurodiversity and I have a close family member on the autistic spectrum. 

Sometimes people come regularly for years. Sometimes the results can be rapid. It depends on the individual and the issue.

Using Herbal Medicine alongside conventional medicine

As a practical person, and with my traditional nursing background, I’m very aware of issues that might need conventional medical help. In these cases, I will ask patients to go back to their GP for blood tests, or to have another chat with the GP.  Having seen me, I can provide some guidance on how they can manage that conversation.

Some people come to see me and never go to their GP.  However, I believe that herbal medicine and conventional medicine can be integrated. I want my patients to understand the various choices available to them, so that their choice of treatment is an informed one.

Many people who come to me are comfortable talking about their spiritual life and find that is a vital part of their health and existence- not something you often talk to your GP about.  Many people come because they know I am discreet and confidential.

What can you expect from an appointment?

Your first appointment with me is usually 1.5 hours in total. After that, appointments are usually 45 minutes to an hour maximum. This can of course be shortened if needed. If we can’t meet face-to-face, then I can do Skype consultations. I am fully insured for Skype and face-to-face consultation, but if Skype turns out to be inappropriate for you, then we may need to schedule a face-to-face consultation.

Once we get to know each other, phone advice is OK on occasion.  I often send out repeat medicines after I’ve met someone a couple of times.

I work in a team with counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, sports massage therapist, a life coach, aromatherapist and other specialised psychotherapy services such as dance and art therapy.

I also offer bespoke education sessions in herbal medicine to health professionals, because so many people now use herbs and most professionals are not trained in herbal medicine.

How to Make an Appointment

It’s easy to make an appointment just call 07746 370515 to find out the best way forward for you.


The Lotus Therapy Centre at The Limes, 54 Nottingham Rd, Mansfield, Notts,  NG18 1BN


07746 370515